About Us

L&L Aviation was founded in 2005 by husband-and-wife team Lee Ramsdell and Linda DeMarco. Both flying enthusiasts for over 20 years, Lee and Linda take great pride in introducing beginning aviators to the joys of Light Sport Aircraft.

Allegro 2007 on Sunset“Light Sport is the future” says Lee of the growing popularity of his aircraft. “The light sport aircraft will rejuvenate flying in America” he says. And he seems to be right. The superb performance and affordable price tag of Light Sport Aircraft has the potential to turn more Americans into pilots than at any point in history. That’s no small feat for a country with an aviation history that goes all the way back to the Wright Brothers. In a tradition built on innovation, Lee and Linda are leaders of the newest generation of American pilots – Light Sport Pilots.

L&L Aviation is a company whose heart and soul are in flight. In addition to sales, L&L offers training and rental through a partnership with Doug Stewart Flight Instruction. They also have a certified mechanic on-site to perform yearly inspections and assist pilots with tune-ups and maintenance.

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